Lee Krasner

This weekend I finished reading “Lee Krasner A Biography” by Gail Levin. Initially I got this book from the library instead of another book which the library doesn’t have yet. I loved this book and read all 452 pages about the artist who is best known for being Jackson Pollock’s wife. That is the main part of the book in that she was more than his wife. She was an artist before she met him and one of the original abstract expressionist painters though never received mention among histories because she was a woman. The book starts from her birth in New York after her parents had arrived from Russia. A Jewish girl of  immigrant parents she managed to go to school and develop her skills despite the times which were trying. Krasner was an energetic and talented woman who never gave up being an artist. She had a few periods where she wasn’t able to paint but overall she painted throughout her life and beside Pollock as she encouraged him through his artistic career. The prices of his work went up after his death and she managed things to preserve his work and market it while continuing on her own. The book uses Krasner’s own words as well as reviews and other artists.

Some of the parts of the book that I really enjoyed were hearing her troubles with creating art and being in school with difficult male professors. She rocked the boat a bit and I liked that about her. She also cut up some of her early work and used it to make collage in later years.



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