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I have wanted to have not only a garden but a few dairy goats and more room for my chickens. I have gone to visit dairy goats, purchased their milk to make into cheese and pet babies a few days old. I have oohed and ahhhed over goats at the fair and had maternal feelings toward them and want to put them in my car and take them home. Though we don’t eat pork I read the book “Farm City” and thought hmmm I think I could raise a pig and slaughter it or have it slaughtered so I could make sausages and more. I could do that in my backyard if I kept it on the other side near the cool neighbors and not the crazy lady. The crazy lady said she won’t tell on my chickens although they are illegal but they aren’t illegal in our city.

Anyways we went this weekend to a place that raises their own meat and rotates their animals on their acreage. We eat some chicken and fish at home but usually are vegetarian. The place we visited raises sheep, pigs, chickens, geese and ducks and oh turkeys. So we took a tour and asked a bunch of questions and I bought fresh chickens to take home for me and for my parents. I can taste the difference in the meat. It’s very good meat and white and seems a little more bright colored if that makes sense. Anyways I realized that if I had all that land I would only keep the same number of chickens that I have now and maybe try a pig and then everything else would be fruit trees and fruits and veggies. It kind of helped me narrow things down in my ultimate plan in my head sort of thing. I would like to one day live in a smaller house on 2 acres with goats and chickens and fruits and veggies.  Oh and my family too!

Our ladies don’t have a coop or shelter currently. In extreme weather they can come in the garage. They have two small rabbit hutches where they lay eggs. They sleep in the pear tree up high at night and the two younger ones sleep in the garage in the box of Christmas decorations. I have been wanting to build a coop for them that allows them access in case of a raccoon or just in and out easily so they aren’t trapped in something. This idea that I saw used would be perfect but 1/8 the size.

One thought on “Farming permaculturing gardening

  1. It is such a foreign concept,being illegal to have farm animals on your own property.I think I would move. I have only lived in town,3 months of my entire 63 years.I think would die in town. I love the country way of life.I love having the animals of my choosing.

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