Not going anywhere

The good thing about losing your keys is that you may

a. find sunscreen you were looking for
b. have to move the couch and cushions providing a new play area for your kids
c. you clean the kitchen looking for them
d. you recycle a bunch of paper near the front door after you throw it all over the place
e. you actually get your husband on his cell phone for the first time in a year
f. all of the above

So actually all of the above! I really thought that maybe me not finding the keys could be a sign from the universe telling me to not drive to the dr. appt. Melody had this morning. I called to cancel it and 5 hours later I found my keys in the garage under a piece of fabric on the floor. I guess Willow was to blame. She likes keys and used to do weird things with them but I thought she would remember seeing them and also remember where she put them. I have found them in the dump truck and in her play farm and some other locations before. I am a believer in things happening for a reason though so we just rescheduled the dr. appt for tomorrow. No big deal and the girls had fun on the couch and playing inside today.

It’s actually raining which is sort of ok. I had started weeding the garden again and it might make it easier to finish that up. I will get some more fall things planted this weekend or I hope to. I have little hope for my neglected tomatoes. Some years we never get them to ripen anyways.

I started to cover this painting in gel yesterday to get it to brighten a little and to secure the bark from the tree that I used on the middle portion. The garage got messed up and then I cleaned it up again. It has not been used for it’s intended purpose that much yet. I realized yesterday while I was doing something that if I have an idea or a painting or something that I am working on and enjoying I usually finish it. If I have to bring it inside or stay up later I usually do.


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