Cup runneth over with berries

Because the summer is so weird here this year I made strawberry jam Sunday and then yesterday we went to pick raspberries after eating cherries this past weekend. The blueberries are ripe now too. In addition to the berries I also have a lot of herbs that need to be dried and I found some leftover peach wine in the vat that I didn’t know was there! I don’t know if it’s drinkable or not but I am thinking I can strain it a little and might be able to mix it with chardonnay from the store or something. Or maybe not chardonnay but mead or something I don’t know. I thought the wine evaporated 3 years ago because I forgot about it but I looked this morning and there were about three bottles worth in there. Oops! I need to clean the stuff out anyways because I am going to make some mead and wine this year again. Now that the child birthing and watching when they are tiny is done with I can do a few other things that I used to do. I still will have Willow at home this year while sister is in first grade but I am hoping we can do lots of little projects at home and we can even go places too since we don’t have to worry about being home in time for afternoon kindergarten to start.


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