Facebook and e-mail and such

I had my e-mail hacked and then Facebook right after that. The person sent out e-mails on behalf of me saying I need money and am in London with my family, etc. So sorry if anyone got one of those and also I can’t get on Facebook because they signed up using an e-mail with my name that I don’t have access to. 😦 The thing that makes me mad about Facebook is just that I have the visual sharing thing with my photo albums on there that I can’t get to. I also interact with some people that I don’t get to see very often and some other people internationally that are in an online artists group. So poop on that right. I emailed facebook twice with the problem already and haven’t heard back anything. It makes sense that I wouldn’t hear anything because they likely don’t care that much because I don’t advertise with them or spend money with them so the customer service side of things if that’s what you call it wouldn’t be quick. If you don’t see me on there that’s why.

Everything else is fine including everything overall really. I have been having a nice summer despite the fact that the weather hasn’t been nice at all. While the rest of the country suffers through heat we have 68 degrees here. It’s good for colder weather plants and canning things and drying herbs indoors.

This weekend we went to the lava tubes near Mt. St. Helens. I am not too clausterphobic but I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through this thing until I watched my husband and Melody do it first. It hurts your hands and knees as you crawl through because the lava didn’t dry smooth.

On the way home we stopped at Merrill Lake and put our feet in. Well Melody put her whole self in and then got her hair wet too and had to ride home with nothing on pretty much.


One thought on “Facebook and e-mail and such

  1. oh, that stinks, amy. i loved seeing your posts on fb. is there a number you can call? i’ve known a couple people who got hacked, but they got it restored right away. let me know if there’s anything i can do to help..like look stuff up for you. you probably can’t even see the help files if you can’t sign in, can you?

    it’s 111F here right now. it is been either right around or over 100F since late may. i like summer, but i also wouldn’t mind a day or a week of rain. lol

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