Rearranging creative spaces

Again I am trying to rearrange the creative spaces in the house and garage. I had moved everything to the garage for the summer but then the neighbor kids and my two daughters ended up playing in the garage a lot and so having pieces of paper out on a table to collage wasn’t working out. I am planning to get rid of a lot of stuff from the garage and then move the rest up into the storage overhead. The garage is the best place for me to have tables set up and a large work area where paint can drip on the floor. If I wasn’t so messy at times I could do this in a corner indoors but it’s difficult to paint inside for me because of the dripping factor. 🙂

The kid arts and craft stuff will stay inside for now until Melody goes back to school. When that happens then Willow will have a table out in the garage and she can paint or playdough, etc. I plan to get better lighting out there so we can see better too. I have plans! I have no access to a studio space to rent in the area for cheap and so the garage will have to do. I need to be able to spread things out and keep supplies in clear containers. I can’t have things in a big box and expect them to magically pop out and come together. I may still change my mind about this setup again but at least the garage will be clean at that point! I am going to put the bikes behind a curtain and then most everything else will be moved out from sight too. The main concern I have is about the temperature out there in the Winter and the moisture content when it rains. I can’t control that of course except with a fan or a small heater I guess.




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