Almost done

New fairy arrangements are popping up in the yard. 🙂

I was stressing myself out making a new painting in time for it to be dry for an art sale this week in Portland and then I realized that I really didn’t have to finish it and it would be ok to take a different painting that was already done in it’s place. 🙂  I dropped off the three selections that will be for sale this Thursday at the Paint Your Art Out Event.

So I am going to finish this bike one up this week as well as my owl goddess which my friend Sara mostly finished up for me because I couldn’t figure out how to paint the gauntlet for the owl. I actually lost this for most of the year under some papers and then needed to finish it finally.

I have always lived in suburbs of major cities my entire life (Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Washington D.C. and Portland).
I do prefer living in the more rural suburbs now than closer to the city. Ideally I would like to live on a 2-acre farm. One thing I notice is that I get a little excited about some things when I am in the city or notice things that I think are interesting. Normally I wouldn’t give some of these things a second look but yesterday I did.







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