I hope

I really need to mix paint and finish this up but I haven’t done anything artistic in a month or so. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or what. My other idea is to write my books, since newspapers seem to be not doing very well. While writing the books I can illustrate them as I go. Never have I put the two together except with photography of course. This will be a cool project and I am also thinking of making a zine out of some of the information and illustrations too. It will be seasonal living with a pagan touch.

This painting is majorly altered by the way in Photoshop. I need to fix the color on top and then add some more flowers or something like this that I did.

Well Willow is taking a bath in the sink so I need to go. Melody wrote this little message this morning before heading off to school. “I hope that it wil be sone.”

Hope you are having a nice end of summer. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to have more to show soon.


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