We try to go help my husband’s old landlords every year with the apple picking and cider pressing. Willow was actually a good help for most of the time and able to get under the trees to pick up the apples that had fallen. On the way over we had an awesome view of Mt. Hood. I kept thinking that the area where we were driving on Larch Mt. would be good for mushrooming but I would have to know when to go and what to look for of course. I have a book and know of a man who teaches classes in the area and is something of an expert. I am not that big a fan of mushrooms overall but I do like the foraging aspect and I think if I were to find them they would be really good. I also am thinking of growing some in our garage this year as it’s damp in there and a perfect temperature for mushrooms.

I have an idea for a drawing in my head but just have to put it on paper. This week I have been making wine, canning pears and we looked at 2.5 acres of land that’s out of our price range. It was nice to look at it and think about it but for now that is all we are doing. I have been trying to find myself this week and figure out what I should be doing and what I could maybe not spend as much time on. I have to figure out a way to fit everything together and it’s very do-able but I can’t quite find the right combination.


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