Spirit bottles

This time of the year is good for contacting your deceased loved ones but also your spirit guides and others. I have always taught Melody not to be afraid of ghosts or spirits and that they are usually only good. If they aren’t we ask them firmly to leave and tell them why. It’s also not scary to visit a cemetery so she always likes to go or stop if we see a really older one.

My circle wanted to make spirit bottles this year like the ones seen and created by Sarah Lawless here. The ingredients and the design of the bottles we used from her bottles and her site.
I have a cemetery I have been to two or three times before up on a hill near our house. It is such a pretty place and has great energy in my opinion. I wanted to collect a little bit of graveyard dirt for our spirit bottles which I was planning to do when Melody was in school. I later realized that there was no reason she couldn’t come along too and in fact it was a good idea to have her help.

Before going to a cemetery it’s nice to have something to offer either the person you are visiting (if you know anyone buried there) or just something as an offering for the collective group that are laid to rest there. I had seen the idea of leaving a small painted rock at the cemetery and then decided Melody could indeed make a rock to bring along. I told her all about it and she took a purple Sharpie outside, picked out a rock, and drew a very cute smiley face. Although that wasn’t what I had planned to do it seemed perfect.

We walked to the entrance and Melody found a blackbird/crow feather on the ground. After we went in she decided where she wanted to put her special rock and then I collected enough soil for our group to make the bottles. I also cleaned up a few things while I was there.

The ancestor spirit bottles contain graveyard dirt, red ochre with red sandalwood, marshmallow root, ground eggshells, ground bones, cornmeal, cedar needles, mandrake and henbane and are sealed with corke and black wax. I decorated the top with a Sculpey skull I made. You can also pull the top off of one of those smaller skeletons they have at the Dollar Store or Michael’s.

Note: the bones I used I collect from chicken when we get it from the store or somewhere. I like to keep the smaller ones and they were perfect for this when I put them in a mortar and pestle.

Spell bottles can be found here as well as extra ideas for making other kinds.
13 Moons
Planet Voodoo


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