Witch dollhouse

witch divwitch doll

I have shared this in the past but thought I would again because it’s that time of year!

We have an old dollhouse that is for Calico Critters though they used to be called Sylvania family maybe? I made it into a witch dollhouse a couple of years ago.

I decided to re-upholster the bed and the couch in different fabric and stick Melody’s wee witch doll (from magic cabin) in there. I ordered a tiny tarot, crystal ball and ouija board set from someone on Etsy awhile back and I put them in there with her.

The mushrooms and some of the other little things are from Playmobil and then the cauldron I made from Sculpey 6 years ago or more. I use the cauldron for the dolls for the pagan nativity set as well.

It is hard to find the right scale of items for the resident witch in here but I have managed to see things every now and then that could fit. I am thinking of painting the outside of the house too but I am not sure.


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