We went on the annual pumpkin patch visit this weekend. I took some other photos inside the hay barn that looked cool. On closer inspection a lot were out of focus because I didn’t use flash. I have a thing with using flash, mainly I don’t like to.  🙂 The leaves are starting to turn here and I am collecting the last of the apples from neighborhood trees. I found my plug for the sewing machine and I have some new pencils to use for drawing.

Since I haven’t had the best of luck with the last couple of freelance writing jobs and I don’t feel like pursuing that right now, I am slowly working on my own books. The first is the pagan Celtic book and right now I am doing the fall chapter. I am trying to get two chapters, a table of contents and the basic idea of what I am doing finished up. It can take awhile after I submit it to publishers to hear back so I figure I should do that now rather than later. Because I have been leading or writing rituals for about 15 years I decided that I should organize it all into a book or two or three. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. I absolutely love these images! I don’t believe i have ever seen any like them. Really – they are very, very cool.

    I am sending you lots of good “vibes” for success on your book project. And look forward to being able to read it one day soon.

  2. Great pictures and best of luck with your book! that is great I’ve always wanted to write one (I’ve written 3 so far – first was sorta stolen but never did get published, 2nd never finished, 3rd finished, promise of publications but fell through – oh well perhaps I’ll get around to another some day)

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