Magical December ideas

I was doing my blog reading this morning and liked the idea of having a to-do list for December fun.

I made out our own December advent of fun to print out and put up. There are only 20 days because we celebrate Winter Solstice on Dec. 21.
December to Do

Make ornaments for the tree with felt
Cut paper snowflakes and decorate the windows
Make birdseed ornaments for the birds
Decorate Christmas cookies
Get a Christmas manicure at home
Bring a gift to a neighbor (card, ornament, or cookies)
Family game night
Go to Grotto in Portland for lights
Make Kyphi incense with the mortar and pestle to burn on Winter Solstice
Family storytelling
Holiday lights tour of the neighborhood
Go to Winter Wonderland at Melody’s school
Make books for family presents
Make a yuletide wreath for outside
Make/dye etc. gifts with mom
Have a Yule ritual with circle
Sing carols together at the piano
Get a new Winter book at the bookstore
Hear the story of Winter Solstice
Use only use candlelight after the sun goes down


One thought on “Magical December ideas

  1. Hi..found your blog lovely and very interesting..i love the idea of a to do list..hope you don’t mind but i’ll pinch that idea and pass it around my family..

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