Holiday Resolutions

Holiday Resolutions, 2011

I will not make a holiday village out of gingerbread. We may make them out of a kit at a friend’s house…maybe.

I will only find some of the decorations and will not crawl in the dark looking for the star or other decorations since I found enough to fill out the tree already.

I will not make 99 percent of all my gifts.

I will have my sister take the girls’ annual photo and then send it to a few people tucked into a store bought card since I likely won’t get the cards with their photo on them made in time.

I will not take tins of homemade cookies and fudge to our friends and neighbors. I will take some beer and maybe a card with a photo instead.

I will not go to a different holiday event every single weekend.

I will stay home a lot and drink Snow Day Winter Ale and make my own hard cider and liquors.

I will be thankful I have only two children and they don’t want tons of presents just a box of cake, a tiny doll and some art supplies and books.

I will not buy someone a present because I think that I should or because I need to spend more money on them.

I will play a few holiday songs on the flute and guitar and not worry about trying to play the damn fiddle.


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