Tie Dye

I meant to do the tie dye project this summer but we didn’t get around to it. Instead I ordered a tie dye kit from Dharma Trading and we made holiday gifts by dying all kinds of white items I found at the craft stores and at Dollar Tree as well as scarves from Dharma Trading.

I didn’t take a photo of the first purse I did for the girls’ friend but I used a purse from Michael’s with the zipper on it and then I ironed on a cute moon patch that I have had for about 16 years! You can also find a lot of cool patches at Joann Fabrics too.

There is a reason that people do this in the Summer months because it is of course really messy indoors. I did this in the bathtub but it was still really bad. The kit came with one pair of gloves which I let Melody use and next time all of us will use gloves because my cuticles are still indigo. The dye has to sit for awhile on the fabric after you do this and you must put each item in a plastic bag and then let it sit for about 24 hours in colder weather (which we have).


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