Yuletide celebrating

We celebrate the Winter Solstice or Yule every year. I have been for 20 years now and as a family for 9 years give or take. When it is cold and dark and you are getting together with others to celebrate the return of the light it can’t be bad. 🙂

This is the second ritual we have had at a local park in a huge sheltered area among the trees and mushrooms. There is a playground nearby too but this time we did two rituals which worked out very well. In reality we did one ritual with just adults and the evening was spent eating, drinking, playing and making gingerbread houses.

We celebrate the birth of the sun
from the womb of wintry night,
for he is the light.

If you want to know more about the solstice this year visit this site.


One thought on “Yuletide celebrating

  1. I too celebrate the Solstice.

    For one thing I really do not like the dark days and long nights and celebrate the end of the sun’s journey South and it first steps on it’s long journey northward again. The days are getting longer! That is worth celebrating!

    The marking of the winter solstice is probably, in one form or another, as old as mankind. Taking time to recognize Yule and make a small celebration seems appropriate. I like to surround myself with candles and lights and prepare a small feast.

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