Here it comes

Last year had my favorite number 11 in it so I thought it would be really good. It wasn’t that great but not bad either. This year I actually think is going to be great though I don’t know why. I have one of my “feelings” so I think that is good enough for now. 🙂

I have an idea for a video art show but I can’t get it together quite yet and have to do it on the weekends for now.  I am fearful of cameras, well video cameras and avoid them at all cost so if I end up doing this it will be a huge step for me. I am in the planning stages.

I am still sort of working on my pagan book though most of it is in my head and needs to get out again soon. I am writing by the seasons and am getting behind again.

This year is the year of the farm for me as in I will be procuring 2-10 acres and starting my dream farm including a CSA. I will of course post on my other blog all about that. I am still waiting for my part-time job to fund the farm but even if I have to do it in baby steps that is what will happen.

I hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s weekend and no matter what your outlook on the coming year is, I know that there will be some good in it for you too.


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