Winter is hard

Winter is cold and in some places dreary and even painful. How we react and deal with the Winter on a daily basis forms our opinions about it though.

There are some positive things about the season as it’s the time of the solstice when we gather with friends and family and there are different animals that are not present and others that journey toward us at this time. There is time for introspection, reading, talking with friends and family and visiting neighbors, making things indoors like quilts to keep us warm or knitting mittens.

Weeds and plants that were annuals we tried out that may or may not have done well are gone. They are frozen in some cases to the ground and have lived their cycle. In the spring when the earth wakes up again there will be space and nurturing elements for all that we have dreamed up in the Wintertime. I have been looking at my seed order and am ready to place it so I have those to look forward to.

Today there are 68 days left until the Spring Equinox when the earth is awake and flourishing giving life to all. Until then we still have time to dream, make plans and enjoy the stillness.

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. -J.M. Power


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