A is for athame

I decided to motivate myself to write more I would try the Pagan Blog Project which is to use different letters of the alphabet as a prompt and write about them.

So of course the letter A is first. A is for athame which I don’t use. It is a witch’s knife with a double edged blade for directing energy while casting a circle and the like. Initially when I was 16 and found that I was indeed a witch I wanted to have all the tools. Included in these tools is the knife or the athame which is used as an extension of your hand to cast energy into something. I used one for a couple of years and engraved the handle of my athame as well. People find knives scary and I realized that there wasn’t a reason for me to use one. I could use my hands and use a wand instead. Even if you make the end rounded a bit it still can be dangerous if it’s not properly sheathed. You never use an athame to actually cut things with other than unseen energy. I love wands and have since used wands for casting a circle or I use my hands. It can symbolize the male energy and is the sword in the stone and it is the representation, when it’s in the cauldron or cup of male and female energy together.

I like to make my own wands too and put my energy into them which I will share when we get to the letter W maybe. 🙂


One thought on “A is for athame

  1. See, I’m just the opposite… I don’t like using a wand. I have one. It was gifted to me, but it just doesn’t feel right. The athame works better for me. But your points on safety are spot on!

    Thanks for linking up to the PPBH!


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