New things

I took a class in InDesign to learn how to lay out newsletters and such recently. I found it so easy to use and spent some extra time playing in Illustrator and designing a logo or two.  I have had the intent over the last few months to get a part-time job so that I can buy land to have a small farm. Most recently I have applied for two jobs that I am very qualified for so we shall see.  Although I stopped creating art for awhile I am trying to finish up a few paintings that were never completed.

We also have a new batch or two of baby chicks that are keeping us entertained.

This morning I saw a robin in the backyard and I am hopeful Spring will arrive sooner rather than later!



D is for Dog

It would seem that using the letter “d” for dog would be more in preschool terms but I actually thought about this for a few minutes before deciding.

We have a miniature schnauzer named Odin and he is black and full of good energy. He has always participated in ritual even when we really don’t ask him too. He fills in whichever direction is empty and even if he doesn’t get a treat he, for some reason known to canines, likes to participate in what we are doing. I used to put a dog treat on the plate of cakes to bless and then we ran into the problem of him eating the offering for the Goddess. We now stick it higher up so he can’t get to it and rarely give him a treat for participation.

I remember a Samhain in 2006 I think when Odin wanted to do the ritual with us outside. It was windy and we raised a lot of energy while the wind blew the leaves around the field. He ran around in circles barking for several minutes.

When Melody was little he was protective of her but preferred napping with her really. When Willow was a baby he had to be on the same side of the couch where she was in her baby chair. If someone else sat there while visiting he would bark or be on their lap so he could guard her.

I like to think that he is a protective energy in our circle when he participates with us. He seems to know what we are doing and not participate for a cookie which is funny. He rarely gets one now and I sort of think that would be the same as giving candy to the kids for participating. They generally go in and out of the circle and are playing with the fountain or something else outside while we are doing the ritual with Odin.

Odin is also into crafts and although I don’t usually do runes which would be very Odin like I do tarot sometimes on the floor and he likes to step back and forth over the cards at times.