E is for Eggs

This time of year is of course about eggs and since I have chickens I wanted to give a little pagan perspective on them.

Most years the chickens stop laying and they moult right in October around Samhain. This is when the year ends in the pagan calendar and begins anew so I like to think that’s part of what they are doing as they shed their old feathers, look bald for a week or so and then grow in lovely new feathers.

Two of my chickens are Ameraucanas which lay the colored eggs. One lays pinkish and the other lays olive green. One year one of them laid blue ones which is what I had hoped for but the green really represents life I think.

The chickens stop laying at Samhain but most years they also start laying again at Imbolg. I was so excited to find my first egg of the year from one of the hens on Feb. 2. The light triggers the egg laying in chickens and so as the light returns so does fertility and eggs!


One thought on “E is for Eggs

  1. I totally love this post! Love how you lined up your beautiful eggs into a rainbow! Of course that is probably because i have a special love for the natural colors of eggs and whenever i am lucky enough to find one that i like, i blow it out so i can keep it!

    And I love you sharing the information that your chickens stop laying in October and resume near Imblog! What a great opportunity to celebrate! I have this one bookmarked in my Imblog file! šŸ™‚

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