God’s Eyes

I had never made a God’s eye before despite having gone to Girl Scout camp so I wonder if we just skipped over those as a craft.  Once I made one I made another and then added a chicken feather to the bottom of it. The branches that I used are from the birch tree in our backyard.

Halfway through making the second one I went to collect eggs from the ladies and I found a first tiny egg from someone.

 I am not sure who laid the egg but I put it in the photo and it looks cool!

This was supposed to be a kids’ craft idea for our Sun School we do at home sometimes but instead it was an adult craft project. If the adults didn’t know what they were doing we couldn’t teach it to the kids either.


Crocheted hats

I have started to crochet and now I can’t be stopped! I only do one or two stitches really but then I mix up the colors and such and feel all creative. I really wanted to make a hat and so I attempted to make one without using a pattern because I am a badass. So I actually made a hat! Then I tried again and the hat didn’t fit Willow’s head. I tried again and made a beret and then another nice hat for Willow with a pom pom on top. Now I don’t want to follow a pattern because I am worried they won’t turn out at all.

I found a spinning group or two or three locally that I am going to check out and I am hoping to spin my own yarn soon. I met a woman who goes to one of the groups and she also has sheep and a loom and maybe a smallish wheel I am not sure. I kept the hair from my dog but it’s really short and difficult to work with so I am thinking I will have to use just wool first and then do a dog hair wool blend. I would like to be able to spin dog hair for people even if I am allergic because it would be a really cool way to remember your pet or just have it close to you. My sister works at a veterinary clinic and she said people would be really into having their dog’s fur made into yarn.





Way behind on any posts on here. I have been posting on my other blog Turning Wheel Farm though. I am growing herbs, veggies, fruit, chickens, eggs and likely some other things this time of year. My focus has been on planting things and harvesting them as well as planning a little bit ahead to sell at a backyard market and to expand to a 2-5 acre parcel the end of this year or early 2013.

This year we had to get a new Maypole because the old one was falling apart and had lichen growing on it. It broke in half and ended up making a good kids’  Maypole which we did for Beltane this year.

The weather actually cooperated and everything worked out well inside and outside.