Crocheted hats

I have started to crochet and now I can’t be stopped! I only do one or two stitches really but then I mix up the colors and such and feel all creative. I really wanted to make a hat and so I attempted to make one without using a pattern because I am a badass. So I actually made a hat! Then I tried again and the hat didn’t fit Willow’s head. I tried again and made a beret and then another nice hat for Willow with a pom pom on top. Now I don’t want to follow a pattern because I am worried they won’t turn out at all.

I found a spinning group or two or three locally that I am going to check out and I am hoping to spin my own yarn soon. I met a woman who goes to one of the groups and she also has sheep and a loom and maybe a smallish wheel I am not sure. I kept the hair from my dog but it’s really short and difficult to work with so I am thinking I will have to use just wool first and then do a dog hair wool blend. I would like to be able to spin dog hair for people even if I am allergic because it would be a really cool way to remember your pet or just have it close to you. My sister works at a veterinary clinic and she said people would be really into having their dog’s fur made into yarn.





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