Green eggs and blue

I have been “saving” some of the hens’ eggs to dye and enjoy comparing the colors. Sara and Cornegie are ameraucana or Easter egg chickens. Sara is cream colored and lays blue eggs and Cornegie lays green eggs and is brown and black and looks like a hawk. I don’t know what changes from day to day that causes the variation in some of the colors. I should read more about it I guess.

I just knocked out Melody because I had to give her Benadryl. I feel bad but she was itching so much and has a rash all over her body from something. I am waiting for the doctor to call us to see if we have to go back in again. I think weve been there 3 times this month already between the two of them. Part of the reason Benadryl works to stop the itching I think is because you can’t itch while you are asleep.


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